A vibrant and future-proof Media Park


The Media Park in Hilversum is the media center of the Netherlands. Some 125 media companies are housed in the Media Park. A total of around 6,000 creative specialists, presenters, technicians, and other media professionals work here. This makes the Media Park a dynamic and inspiring environment.

The Role of STONE22

STONE22 handled the integrated property management on behalf of the owner of the Media Park Hilversum: over 160,000 m2 of rentable floor space ranging from studios to high-quality offices and commercial space. Multinationals such as RTL, NEP, United, and ITV are headquartered there. The campus development began in 2015 when the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, ROC, and ict-company MyBit laid together the first piles of the foundation.

In cooperation with the urban design agency, UNStudio, the municipality of Hilversum, and the stakeholders, we developed the ‘Future Vision 2030’, which proposes incorporating a wide variety of functions in the Media Park. In addition to working, in order to create a vibrant and future-proof Media Park, attention to housing and additional residential functions such as catering and retail are vital components of this vision.