Sanquin Holding, in close cooperation with other parties, is developing a campus where innovation in healthcare takes center stage. STONE22 plays an advisory role for the board of Sanquin Holding BV as well as provides support in the development process. Sanquin Holding is the parent company of a number of private companies working in the area of diagnostics, scientific research, and drug development, and participates in various promising start-ups, scale-ups, and other initiatives. Sanquin Holding is located in Amsterdam West, where the Netherlands Institute and the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Hospital are located, as well as the former Slotervaart Hospital. In order to realise further cross-pollination of ideas through collaboration with partner organisations and the industry in general, campus development concept was conceived, the Health and Innovation District New West (HID). Here, scientists will cooperate with universities and industry to conduct research in four core areas: transfusion medicine, haematology, oncology and immunology.

The important role of Sanquin and its cooperation with other parties in the fight against the Covid-19 virus is illustrative of the value and potential of this organization HID.

STONE22 is working on this project with Anneke Grummel, and is involved as quartermaster, project manager and consultant contributing to the conceptual development, communication and programming, the urban master plan, the financial scenarios, and the real estate strategy.


Sanquin Holding BV
Health and Innovation District New West (HID)
Anneke Grummel


110,000 m2 laboratories and office space