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‘De Amsterdamse Compagnie N.V. leases additional business space to Swart on Rigakade Amsterdam’

As of 15 June, 2019, Swart Amsterdam will rent the warehouse located at Rigakade 29 in Amsterdam. Swart Amsterdam is active in the energy and installation industry, and since 2010 has been housed at Rigakade 31 in Amsterdam. Due to the expansion in its activities and the growing numbers of its employees, there was need for a better-suited working environment with greater efficiency in terms of office layout, warehouse space, and space for training and instruction rooms. By renting the adjacent building on Rigakade 29, a warehouse of 526 m2, the opportunity arose to rearrange the present building and expand the warehouse to 1,536 m2. The adjacent building will serve as an instruction and training space, and will be further equipped as a warehouse for the storage of materials and machines. Property manager STONE22 acted on behalf of the landlord, De Amsterdamse Compagnie. STONE22 develops, realizes, and manages creative and thoughtfully designed real estate solutions.