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Our Expertise

STONE22 is an experienced and driven team of developers and property managers. We develop, redevelop, and manage buildings with a story. Our focus is on science parks, campus locations, and unique business locations in the creative sector.

Project development for science parks

We see science parks as innovative ecosystems where every building tells a unique story. We work on campuses at the forefront such as Leiden Bio Science Park, TU Delft Campus, the Amsterdam Science Park, and the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. We are an experienced partner for both investors and end-users of  buildings devoted to the performance of high caliber research. We also work for parties who want to develop, operate  and/or finance property located in science parks or on campuses.

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Redevelopment of monumental buildings

Redevelopment of monumental buildings requires experience and expertise. Both are found at STONE22. In cooperation with stakeholders, we develop sustainable building concepts aimed at the creation of working and learning environments which inspire their users. The British school of Amsterdam is one inspiring example, an international school whose aim is to relocate into a monumental former prison in the south of Amsterdam.

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We manage unique real estate portfolios

STONE22 operates properties on behalf of their owners, and handles all the aspects of property management. We implement building concepts, improve sustainability, tackle vacancies, help position the property, and recruit tenants. Sometimes this means focusing on specific target groups that fit the theme of a given property. For example, media companies for the Mediapark, or suitable tenants for the striking ‘PanamaPaar’ – a multi-tenant business building with the character of a modern city gate.

Our core values

01. Innovation

We develop and manage exceptional buildings, with an eye to the future. That buildings must be functional, healthy, sustainable, and circular throughout their lifecycle stands central to our approach.

02. Sustainability

We aim for high-quality and sustainable certification labels (BREEAM excellent) and are inspired by architects with innovative ideas in the area of circularity. This facilitates us in the development of innovative concepts.

03. Sound financial management

With us, the financial management of a project is in good hands. We make smart choices and critically examine where we can use limited resources to achieve the greatest impact with respect to the experience and perception of a building and the wishes of its users.