Development of the Amsterdam Science Park


The Amsterdam Science Park is one of the largest science campuses in Europe. It is an area of 70 hectares hosting research laboratories, educational institutions, and internationally leading companies in fields of science and research. The landowners include the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research, and the municipality of Amsterdam.

The role of STONE22

STONE22 (in the role of Geert Haksteen) held a position on the board of directors at Matrix Innovation Center for over 12 years, from 2006-2019, and was closely involved in the development and expansion of the Amsterdam Science Park.  STONE22 contributed to various themes such as the profiling and commercial repositioning of the Amsterdam Science Park as a business location (including a new name and logo in 2014), the acquisition of new partners for the Amsterdam Science Park, the establishment of a professional management organization (Stichting Science & Business Amsterdam Science Park), the development and set-up of facilities including parking, park management, meeting facilities, and high-quality hospitality services.

STONE22 has played a leading role in the realization of modern and attractive buildings for knowledge-based companies both starting and growing at the Amsterdam Science Park. The real estate in question was realized on behalf of Matrix Innovation Center NV and contains laboratory, office, meeting and conference rooms. STONE22 provides a comprehensive concept for housing solutions, and both advises and supervises the entire process from the initial discussions with architects and contractors as well as from procurement of a contract to completion. The board of directors, supervisory directors and shareholders of Matrix IC experience the cooperation with STONE22 as particularly pleasant. STONE22 is a reliable and capable party that delivers on its promises. STONE22 will be closely involved in the realization of the newest Matrix building at the Amsterdam Science Park, for which the first pile will be driven at the end of 2020.

Jos EngelenChairman of the Supervisory Board, Matrix Innovation Center