Laboratory for building innovation


The TNO laboratory conducts innovative and application-oriented research with a focus on themes of life-extension and innovation in the area of materials, energy, and built spaces. The new building will be located on the TU Delft Campus, thus enabling TNO to an efficient, creative, and multidisciplinary collaboration with its many partners. The building optimizes the use of available testing facilities and makes possible the creation of unique research setups.

Development and realization of TNO Lab

In close cooperation with TNO, STONE22 developed this laboratory in less than a year. The building is equipped with several very specific facilities for structural research and installation engineering which were integrated into the shell of the building during the development phase.  Construction started in  April 2020 and will be completed in Q1 2021. The TNO Lab for Building Innovation has been sold to the a.s.r. Dutch Science Park Fund.


Group A
IMd Consulting Engineers
Nieman Consulting Engineers
TNO in collaboration with LSadviseurs and RHDHV


3.000 m2 laboratory and office


a.s.r. Dutch Science Park Fund