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As of 1 December, 2016, the Amsterdam Film School is renting 263.58 m2 in the PanamaPaar buildings on Panamalaan 1-7 and 2-8 in Amsterdam. These two almost identical red buildings lining both sides of Panamalaan were designed by Dedato Europe B.V. and offer small-scale, startup, growing, and medium-sized companies an attractive accommodation. The buildings each have a total floorspace of approximately 2,500 m2, a private roof terrace of approximately 40 m2, a spacious main entrance, and a garage with 20 parking spaces.

The Amsterdam Film School offers various training courses, with significant attention given to all aspects of storytelling. The Amsterdam Film School is the largest private film academy in the Netherlands, and is growing fast. The location and the flexible rental scheme of PanamaPaar ensures that the Amsterdam Film School can continue to grow in the coming years  within this characteristic building.

Property manager STONE22 acted on behalf of the landlord, De Amsterdamse Compagnie. STONE22 develops, realizes, and manages sustainable, creative and thoughtfully designed real-estate solutions.