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After a successful 12 years, Geer Haksteen will leave Matrix Innovation Center NV (MIC). For the sake of continuity he will remain director until 1 July, 2019, at the latest, by which time a successor will have been appointed.

MIC develops and operates office and laboratory space for knowledge-based companies located in the Amsterdam Science Park. Under Geert Haksteen’s leadership, occupancy and profitability were structurally improved, and two new laboratory/office buildings were developed, the second of which (Matrix VII) will be completed in early December. In addition to companies, it will also house a research institute. The development of the next Matrix building was recently begun.

The Supervisory Board and shareholders are very grateful to Geer Haksteen for the decisive manner in which he has led, renewed, and positioned MIC for the future. Geert Haksteen is also a partner at STONE22; in the coming years he and his colleagues intend to focus on further expanding its activities in the field of property management and development.

Amsterdam, 29 November 2018