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As of 1 July, 2018, the Media Park will lease Studio 21 to Oseven, a subsidiary of Maison den Boer. The Amsterdam-based event caterer succeeds RTL and will also take over production of the dinner show, Pandora, and continue in Studio 21, the show’s home base. Studio 21, for years one of the largest event locations in the this sector, gains a new momentum with this change. In total, Oseven will lease over 6,000 m2, including accompanying office and business space.

Mark Achterberg (COO Media Park Management): “With Oseven we have found a reliable party to take over both the dinner show and the operation of Studio 21. They are certainly not unknown, since Oseven has been a regular partner in the studio in the area of catering for quite some time. We wish them many great events in Studio 21”.

Richard Jonker (General Manager, Oseven) is pleased with this development: “With the focus on both events and food, production of the dinner show fits clearly within our vision. With enormous pride and dedication, we will continue to build-on and develop the successful concept of the dinner show.”

Media Park Management, part of STONE22, brokered the transaction on behalf of the landlord, Media Park Enterprise.

About Media Park

The Media Park is the heart of media in the Netherlands. Here, traditional and new media flow smoothly into one another. Enthusiastic start-ups work side-by-side with well-known media companies and major broadcasters. No fewer than 6,000 media professionals, specialists, creatives, presenters, technicians, enthusiasts, and visionaries work at the park on everything we see and hear in the media every day.